Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does "DNA" stand for?


A: Defined Needs Achieved


Q: Where are training services conducted?


A: DNA Mobile Fitness training sites vary based on client convenience and lifestyle needs.  Typical training locations include in-home, workplace fitness centers (on-site), public parks/playgrounds (off-site), and/or affiliated training studios.


Q: How does the training process work?


A: Interested parties receive a complimentary initial consultation (ideally in-person).  The consultation includes a brief health history discussion, followed by a fitness needs/goals analysis. In addition, the consultation includes an evaluation of workout site tools and space(s) along with a personal movement screening for customized program designing purposes.  Going forward, weekly nutrition and fitness plan support provided electronically through email between training sessions to assist with overall program understanding and adherence.   


Q: Who are ideal clients for our training services?


A: Anyone with a strong desire to become more physically fit, including:

- Busy working professionals, parents, and senior citizens

- Youth and adult athletes 

- Post physical rehabilitation (adults and youth)



Q: What are your billing and cancellation policies?


A: All scheduled training appointments are required to be pre-paid one session or more in advance. Cancellation request (barring emergency/unforseen urgent situations) is at least 12 hours advance notice of scheduled appointment day and time.